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Our Personal Injury cases are taken on a contingent fee basis. This means there is no attorney’s fee unless you receive a settlement or award.


Personal Injury cases come in a variety of forms; such as motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction site accidents, slip and falls, and dog bites.


Our attorneys are experienced in all types of personal injury cases and know the laws to obtain successful recoveries for our clients. We work with the insurance companies to obtain all the benefits possible for our injured clients. When necessary, our attorneys are experienced litigators and will pursue your case in court.


Here are some things you can do to help achieve a successful recovery for your injury:

1. Take pictures. Pictures of the scene are very helpful in proving how the accident occurred. Also, photographs of the injury are powerful evidence.

2. Report the incident. If you are in a motor vehicle accident, call the police. If you are injured in a slip and fall at a store, report your fall to the store manager so that an incident report can be created. Make sure you obtain the report number so that your attorney will be able to request a copy of the final report.

3. Obtain the name and contact information of all witnesses or persons who respond to the scene.

Do not rely on the police officer to record this information.

4. Seek treatment. If you are injured seek treatment immediately at an emergency room or urgent care center. If you will have to miss work due to your injury, make sure you inform the doctor that you will need an out of work slip. An out of work slip is vital to ensuring you are compensated for your lost wages.

5. Call Potter Carmine for your free consultation. Do not waste time in scheduling your free consultation. The faster you act the sooner the attorney will be able to set up your injury claim to ensure that your medical bills are paid and you receive your lost wages.


What to bring to your free initial consultation:

  • Photographs taken of the scene or injury

  • Contact information of the witnesses and at-fault parties

  • The incident report number or copy of the exchange sheet provided by police for motor vehicle accidents

  • A copy of all discharge papers from the emergency room or urgent care center

  • Correspondence from an insurance company regarding the incident. If you have spoken with an insurance adjuster regarding the accident, make sure you document the adjuster’s name, the name of the insurance company, his/her telephone number, and the claim number. Remember to provide this information to your attorney.

  • Declarations page or a copy of your automobile insurance policy if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident. Your own insurance benefits apply when you are injured in a motor vehicle accident so it is very important to bring information regarding your own automobile insurance policy to your initial consultation for the attorney to review

  • A valid identification card

  • Your health insurance card, including a Medicaid or Medicare card

  • Recent paystubs if your injury has caused you to miss time from work

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